Seriously good MICE business forums


The Meetings Space Forums

Ready for your next MICE event connecting with Europe’s most influential buyers and suppliers? Well, you’re in the perfect place.

Seriously good forums…

  • UK buyers primarily: plus German and other key European markets.
  • European suppliers: with selected mid and long haul highlights.
  • Triple qualified buyers
  • Expert hosted buyer team

Our mission remains crystal clear:

  • More inspiration for senior buyers
  • More new business for suppliers
  • Deliver the best possible ROI for both
  • Enjoyable unforgettable networking 

For priority information please email us via the CONTACT page or call +44 20 7482 9999.

We thank all of you who continue to support us.

Lorraine Hall: Direct +44 7867 783 755
Nic Sancho: Direct +44 7540 762 904
Head Office: +44 207 482 9999

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 Nic Sancho

 Managing Director